100% Donation Policy

Donation Policy

Our 100% donation policy means that every penny you contribute goes to help those in need, and not to cover administrative or overhead costs. Those costs can either be covered directly by us.

It is an important policy that sets us apart from most international NGOs. Overseen by trustees with professional, management, and charity sector experience, we rely on experienced, committed volunteers to complete our activities. The charity does not outsource any of its work, preventing potential conflicts of interest, as well as taking full accountability for delivering aid and completing projects with 100% integrity and transparency.

Throughout our work, we strive to be truthful and transparent.

Everything we do is for the benefit of others. In other words, you should spend your hard-earned money most efficiently and effectively possible, to make a difference and save lives worldwide.

Whatever size of donation you make to the Ajaz Foundation, you will positively impact our patients and the future of our centre. Because of the continuous support of people and organizations, we can carry out this huge responsibility.

Our policy is 100% donation;

We use Gift Aid and donations from institutional donors (both within and outside the country) to cover our administrative costs. Individual donations like you, are also welcome.

Ajaz Foundation maintains an internal record of its 100% donation policy. Having continued to adhere to it, I am pleased to report we have achieved the desired results.